Get more confidence, clarity & sales for your art biz
So you're an artist and you want to take your business online. You know your work is good because your Facebook friends and Instagram followers all love it and maybe you've also sold work offline before.
You hired someone to build you a really fancy website (or you made one yourself) and then you waited for the fans and customers to come along and buy your creative work.

But nothing happened...crickets!

Now you're back working at the cafe because you just don't sell enough to support yourself financially.

Slowly you figured out that it takes more than just having a fancy website, several online stores and a ton of social media accounts. You need to learn how to think like an entrepreneur...yikes!

Just thinking about that makes you feel icky and salesy and like a used cars salesman.


A 6 month program for Artists who mean business

“TAOSAO was awesome and totally worth the investment. I had the opportunity to re-asses and improve my entire business.
I actually trippled my sales!”
- Anja Becker

The Art Of Selling Art Online:
Find your focus, build confidence and make more sales!

It's time to develop your online business and generate more sales than ever.

Why is all the Online stuff so damned hard

You just don't have the time: In between your money-making jobs, creating your art and your social life there is just not enough time and energy left to also take care of all the online business stuff you know you are supposed to do.

You don't even know where to get's all so overwhelming: You know you're supposed to write blog posts and newsletters, create social media updates, keep your books in order, etc, etc. Your to-do list keeps growing and don't even look at it anymore, it just makes you want to curl up in bed and watch Game of Thrones all day long.

You'd rather be in the studio: Honestly, maybe you're just not made to run a business. After all, you're a right-brain person and not a left-brain person like all those computer nerds and financial geniuses. That's why you became an artist. Creativity is what you are made of, not logic and numbers.
“I was very overwhelmed with the idea that I could make a living as an artist and I had a very beginner understanding of what a functional online business was.
Yeah, I had a basic online presence (website, FB profile) but never saw it as an entire venue that I had total control over.
This single-handedly changed my view of the online world and turned my point of view into a viable marketplace."

- Kristin Pavlick - Painter


Here Is A Secret That Changes Everything

Imagine this: You wake up in the morning, make some coffee and open your laptop. You smile.

You are excited to get to work on your creative arts business. You know exactly what needs to get done today and how it will positively influence your bank account.

After an hour you close your laptop and start working on your art. At night you meet up with friends for a drink. Life is good.

All this is possible for you! You CAN build a heart based, right brain business that is based on your unique, individual personality. A business that is fun and easy and actually gets you excited about working on it...just like you get excited about working on your art.

The secret lies in realizing that you can learn about how take the gift of creativity, which you have in abundance, and use it online to build a business. Just like creating a piece of art. The creative process is the same!

You start with a white canvas and add some broad strokes in red (your general biz plan). Then you take a step back, look at it and decide to add some yellow (maybe new customers) and then some blue (this could be a new way of promoting your work on Instagram).

See? It's all about looking at it from an artist's perspective :)
“This program is AMAZING.
For someone like me who really needs help on the business side of is invaluable to me.
It is showing me how to identify my ideal client, how to create more income, and it's all so easy to implement and understand." 
- Sarah Kelly

What You Will Get

The Art Of Selling Art Online is a 6-month program that was created to help you make the transformation from being an artist to being an artist on-line.

It shows you how to develop the online business skills that complement the creative talents you already have.

You will also get 6 moths membership in the ASAP (Auspicious Successful Artists Program) where you will network with other artists who are also building their arts business. You will also get access to heaps of practical resources, videos, interviews with industry experts. 

Together, they will elevate you to a completely different level and generate more sales than ever.

A Lesson A Week

30 lessons altogether. Each lesson will be delivered via an email straight to your email inbox for easy consumption.

This way you will be able to revamp and build your creative on-line arts business in 6 months, without getting overwhelmed and drowning in chaos and to-do lists!

"Within just 4 weeks I made my website look better, started a newsletter, published an ebook and got generally more organized and effective.
I want to say thank you for everything, I do feel I got a lot out of the course."
- Liina Tael
Clearly Structured Content
The course consists of 4 modules which each include 7 lessons and will focus on a different aspect of your creative web biz.

Module 1 will be all about fighting overwhelm and confusion by defining a very simple, heart based business plan you can use to make future decisions.
In module 2 we will define our financial goals and learn how to create a product line that actually sells.
During module 3 we will create a simple, easy to follow non-icky marketing plan that is authentic and feels right.
In module 4 we will make some little but very important tweaks to your website so it does what it is meant to do: Sell!

Weekly Action Items
For every lesson you will also get an additional action item to complete. So you will not just learn a lot but also actually get things done at the same time.
This will not take longer than 20-30 minutes a week. And you will build a habit of working on your on-line arts business continuously step by step.

Course Outline:
Module 1:

Module 2: 

  • Find your vision
  • Find your mission statement
  • Find your ideal customer avatar
  • Find your Elevator Pitch
  • Find your Biz Partners
  • Recap, Organisation and Money Makers

Module 3: 

  • Dreamlining
  • Product Lines
  • 1000 True Fans
  • Offering subscription plans
  • More ways to make money
  • Reaching your TMI
Module 4: 
  • Your ideal customer
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social Media marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Your Marketing Plan

Module 5: 

  • The real purpose of your website
  • Your sales funnel
  • Newsletter opt-on forms
  • Website structure & design
  • Your About page
  • Your Home page
  • Social proof

Module 6: 

“I thank you for your guidance & inspiration. You've really changed the way I look at my career.
I thought I knew what I was doing, but your advice & suggestions really opened my eyes!“ 
- Lisa Bohnwagner

How Exactly Is This Going To Help You?

This is what will happen after completing the 6-month program:
  • You have a very clear vision of where you are going and which step to take next to get more cash in the bank.
  • You reduce the stress of marketing because now you know how to promote your art work online in a way that feels right, authentic and relevant to your audience.
  • You save money by not investing in solutions not geared towards artist businesses.
  • You save time by not making mistakes from trial and error learning & increase the energy you can put into creating art.
  • You will have more fun, more energy, a more positive outlook and feel more motivated working on your creative arts business because it’s working online.
  • You will be connected with other artists who are also building their arts business.
"I was running without a plan. After doing the course I have a plan of action for the remainder of the year.
I have a better "About" page. I have the next month of posts written. I have a better SEO setup. I understand more about my motivations and my clients' needs." 
- Reiko Michisaki

Who is behind this course?

The first version of The Art of Selling Art Online was built by Yamile Yemoonyah. An artist who has helped hundreds of artists and other creative entrepreneurs build and grow their online business.
After attending four colleges in three different countries, she decided that the traditional school system was not her path and dropped out to become a full time artist.
Right from the start she wanted to sell her art online instead of in galleries.

Over the years she learned all about WordPress, online marketing, social media, SEO and everything else you need to know to run a profitable online business.
In the meantime she saw lots of friends suffer in 9-5 jobs that they hated because they just didn't know how to make a living doing what they love.
In 2016 Yamile met JP and they joined forces to make The Art of Selling Art Online even better.

John Paul is a practicing artist, director, and author. He’s also the founder of the Auspicious Arts Incubator, which has been in operation for over 10 years now.  He has helped almost 4000 artists from around the world to make a living from their art and their creativity.  

Yamile Yemoonyah

John Paul Fischbach

"This is a life-line, a step-by-step friendly and accessible guide which empowers you with the skills you need - fast and easy. Thank you for making it possible and fun." 
- Francesca, Writer

Money Back Guarantee!

Because I am convinced that this course is going to help you improve your art business in a major way, you will get a full refund if you are not happy with it.
So sign up, enjoy all 28 lessons, do all the exercises and look at the results. If you are not satisfied after that, you get your money back. Guaranteed!
"The Art Of Selling Art Online is a remarkably robust, comprehensive course for artists who want to sell more of their work online. The course is broken down into results-oriented, actionable steps."

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course?
The course takes 6 months to complete (one lesson a week).

What kind of artists can join TAOSAO?
All artists are welcome: painters, photographers, sculptors, actors, circus performers, musicians, fashion designers, graphic artists, writers and everyone else who thinks of themselves as an artist.

Can I join even though I'm not an artist?
Yes, if you're not an artist yourself but work with them, you're welcome to join us. And if you have a completely different business but still feel you'd be a good fit, we're also happy to have you.

What is your refund policy?
Because I am convinced that this course is going to help you improve your art business in a major way, you will get a full refund if you are not happy with it.
So sign up, enjoy all 28 lessons, do all the exercises and look at the results. If you are not satisfied after that, you get your money back. Guaranteed!

What if I don't have a proper website yet?
That's no problem at all. In fact brushing up on your business skills and having a marketing plan in place first, will make your website way more professional and effective once you get one.

Can't I just do all this on my own? There is plenty of free info online
Could you really do this on your own? If so, why haven’t you done it yet? Sure lots of this information is out there. Having a structure and guidance makes the process of growing your online business easier and faster.
You don’t have the time to make mistakes or watching YouTube videos and doing online searches only to then have to figure out how to pull it all together.

How much work will it be for me?
Don’t worry, you won’t have to sit through hours upon hours of video training and downloading crappy PDFs. TAOSAO is focused on ACTION. You’ll have a bit of weekly training, to give you the ‘how-to’, but then the focus will be on you doing the work inside your business + getting help from JP and other artist in the ASAP program.

Expect to spend anything from 30-120 minutes per week on doing the work, depending on what you have in place so far.